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Minco Inc has been a world class manufacturer of custom precision equipment to the oil and gas industry since 1978. The team of vastly experienced Minco machinists operate high speed multiple axis CNC machining centers for quick turnaround delivery on complex large diameter parts. Our expertise in turnkey projects and diligence using the Phillip Crosby quality initiatives has helped Minco provide customers peace of mind and exceptional value for over 30 years.

Proven Supply Chain Capabilities:
• Plating
• Heat Treating
• Special Grinding
• Gundrilling
• Coating & Painting
• Welding (cladding subsea, surface, offshore and marine wellhead production components)

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[wpc_icon_box title=”Energy ” desc=”Small and large batch production for drilling and digging operations.” position=”center” read_more=”title” icon_type=”font-awesome” icon=”tint” color_option=”custom” icon_size=”70″ icon_custom_color=”#777777″ link=”url:%23||”]
[wpc_icon_box title=”Aerospace” desc=”Custom milled components for national and international compliance. ” position=”center” read_more=”title” icon_type=”font-awesome” icon=”plane” color_option=”custom” icon_size=”70″ icon_custom_color=”#777777″]
[wpc_icon_box title=”Infrastructure” desc=”Commercial and residential industry standard fabrication” position=”center” read_more=”title” icon_type=”font-awesome” icon=”building-o” color_option=”custom” icon_size=”70″ icon_custom_color=”#777777″]

Minco Certifications & Memberships